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Note: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of any of these quotes or articles or projections—these are just recent subjects and events and questions and rumors that have piqued my interest, and got me to musing and wondering….

*️⃣ Will the Fed “capitulate” and stop raising rates in a few months because they have started to kill the housing and stock and bond markets? Do they have the nerve to take interest rates up high enough to tame and subdue the inflation? How much demand destruction and pain will it take to get inflation, and more importantly inflation expectations back down to low and livable levels—9%? 12%? 15%?

*️⃣ Legendary economist Arthur Laffer on 10/15/22 on the Larry Kudlow radio show said the Fed will eventually have to raise rates to at least the 10-15% level! What will happen to stocks, bonds, housing, gold and silver if that prediction comes true?

*️⃣ If the Fed gets scared soon and starts cutting interest rates, and printing money/buying bonds again in 2023 at some point, will there be a furious stock and bond market rally? And if there is, how soon will it be before the Fed needs to start raising rates again because the inflation rate is out of control again? Will the markets then crash again? This is what happened in the late 70s, and 5-7 years were lost and Paul Volcker, the Fed chief, had to take rates up to 21% in order to beat down inflation.

*️⃣If our national debt is now over $31 trillion, and short-term treasuries are now over 4%, how is all of that interest on the debt going to be paid? The debt level reached $30 trillion in late January of 2022, and grew to $31 trillion on 10/4/22, only 8.5 months later! Does this growth in the debt really not matter? Can we really just print money to solve our problems? Can we just wipe out student loan debt? How about mortgages? Credit card debt we really didn’t intend to rack up? What does history show us about nations who got themselves into this type of debt situation?

*️⃣ For at least 2500 years, gold ( and silver) have acted as reliable stores of value, and hence inflation hedges against governments that spent too much money and debased the national currency. Due to the fact that other major currencies around the works are very weak these days, the US dollar is very strong, despite the $31 trillion and other financial problems. Can gold ( down over 15% from its highs), and platinum ( down over 50% from its highs), and silver ( down over 60% from its highs) stay depressed if inflation is pushing all other commodities to 40-year highs?

*️⃣Will there be a “nuclear scare” event emanating from the Ukraine-Russia war, and if so, will it be “scary” to people here in the west?

*️⃣Will Trump get arrested at Mar-a-Lago ( is that why he cut down all the trees just recently so that everyone can see what happens-“the first arrest will be shocking”)? If the J6 committee’s goal is to stop Trump from getting back into office at any cost ( they just subpoenaed him on 10/13/22) , why is Trump taunting them? At recent rallies, he is saying things like the election was a fraud and that he should be put on the ballot for this November’s election! Are those intentionally seditious and/or treasonous statements so that they will indict or arrest him? 

*️⃣ When will Hunter Biden get arrested ( this will surprise no one)?

*️⃣Will Congress remove Biden using the 25th Amendment due to his “inability to function and execute the duties of the office, before the election on 11/8/22? After the election?

*️⃣ Will the November 8th election get delayed by 15-30 days for several “reasons” and will the public reluctantly accept those reasons? Could martial law be imposed in several American cities?

*️⃣ Bill Gates predicted civil war breaks out after this next election is contested and sloppy and corrupt. https://www.businessinsider.in/tech/news/bill-gates-says-political-polarization-may-bring-it-all-to-an-end-and-could-even-lead-to-a-civil-war/articleshow/94504356.cms

*️⃣ In the midst of the global political tumult, will China decide it is a good time to invade/take over Taiwan? Is this very unlikely hopefully (Taiwan makes 65% of the world’s semiconductors and almost 90% of the advanced chips)? By comparison, China produces a little over 5% while the U.S. produces approximately 10%, according to market analysts.

*️⃣ On 9/11/22 Treasury Secretary Janey Yellen said oil prices could spike again in the winter https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/us-treasurys-yellen-says-oil-prices-could-spike-winter-cnn-2022-09-11/ If that happens, and gasoline and heating oil go to new highs, what happens to the European economy, and what does the Fed do about that here in the US?

*️⃣ Can the Supreme Court surprise everyone again with another large and unexpected ruling or decision?

*️⃣ Is there a raft of “big reveals” coming soon that will expose and embarrass politicians, and disgust the public? Could some of this be shocking to the public ( think of the scope of the “me-too” movement reveals and all the huge names that were implicated—there may be much worse coming—reveals about the pedo problem from Hollywood to DC)?

*️⃣ If Obama was supposed to shut down Gitmo, and so was Biden, why have there been expansions there recently? https://www.nytimes.com/2021/12/29/us/politics/pentagon-guantanamo-secret-courtroom.html. What is the military going to use those new courtrooms for—military tribunals and trials?

*️⃣ On 9/28/22 the Bank of England had to intervene in the British bond market and support the bonds in order to save the public pensions there. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/09/29/pension-fund-panic-led-to-bank-of-englands-emergency-intervention.html. Is this the end of that serious problem? If US stocks and bonds are negative for a year or two, what will that do to the pensions here in the US?


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