A Guide to New Cryptocurrencies

Once a radical idea, the thought of investing in cryptocurrency has taken off in recent years. In fact, research suggests that around 21% of American adults have invested in or purchased cryptocurrency at some point.  

Although Bitcoin is by far the most well-known and popular cryptocurrency, there are actually a number of different digital coins on the market. A few other big names include Ethereum and Litecoin.  

With that said, new cryptocurrencies are emerging on the market all the time, and in 2023, there are already some new cryptocurrencies that investors should be aware of. Here are a few of the newest cryptocurrencies and what to know about them.  

FightOut ($FGHT)


FightOut is a cryptocurrency that’s designed to get people moving and help support fitness and exercise. This cryptocurrency is closely tied to a fitness application and teams up with gyms using special sensors.

The idea is that users who invest in the cryptocurrency receive additional rewards from working out. For instance, investors who use the app can receive something called REPS, which they can exchange for items such as workout gear and supplements.

Early investors can get good discounts on these coins, as well, by making investments before the coin potentially takes off.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) 

Meta Masters Guild, called MEMAG for short, is thought to be one of the hottest cryptocurrencies hitting the market in 2023. To put it simply, this cryptocurrency works on a play-to-earn community where individuals play certain games and are rewarded with MEMAG coins.

MEMAG has a number of games on the platform, all of which are available on both Android and iOS smartphone devices, making it easy for investors to earn money on the go. Alternatively, investors are able to stake their investments in order to receive passive income, rather than having to actively participate in any games.

Finally, one key feature of this cryptocurrency is that the gaming guild platform allows indie designers to create their own games to add to the space. The idea is that this will create a supply of games that doesn’t diminish quickly, enabling more individuals invest in the coin.

C+ Charge (CHCG) 

CHCG is a cryptocurrency that’s designed for individuals who drive electric vehicles, often called EVs for short.

This project’s main goal is to help encourage individuals to reduce their carbon impact by switching from gasoline-powered vehicles to more environmentally friendly electric vehicles. CHCG will help encourage this by using blockchain technology to distribute carbon credits to EV drivers.

As part of this initiative, C+Charge will create several charging stations for EVs. Then, when an EV owner uses the C+Charge app to charge their electric vehicle at one of the crypto’s partner stations, they’ll be rewarded in tokens which can lead to carbon credits.

Metropoly (METRO)

Another cryptocurrency that is launching in 2023 and which is likely to be very popular is Metropoly. METRO, as this coin is called, is a cryptocurrency which allows individuals to invest in investment properties without having to go through banks or be subject to hidden fees.

Additionally, METRO allows investors to make purchases of income-generating properties without any geographical limits. The idea with these tokens is that investors are able to make smaller-scale investments into these types of properties without having to commit large chunks of capital. For example, investors are able to invest as little as $100 into METRO.

The blockchain used for this particular cryptocurrency is Ethereum, and there is currently a beta marketplace that has already launched for the coin. The developers launched the marketplace ahead of releasing the actual tokens themselves to help kickstart the cryptocurrency’s success.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) 

Dash 2 Trade, more commonly referred to as D2T, is a new cryptocurrency that’s been launched to help improve the trading network. It’s had a hugely successful pre-sale of more than $15 million.

This platform has a series of signals that alerts users when they should buy, sell, or maintain their current assets. The idea is to help crypto investors avoid scams and become more efficient at trading. D2T also plans to track popular social media channels, such as Twitter and Reddit, to help make predictions more accurate for users.

The platform also plans to have a strategy building API that enables users to create strategies and come up with potential trading plans to help maximize their earnings.

D2T is set to have three tiers to it—free, starter, and premium. The features will increase with the amount paid for access to the platform.

The Bottom Line

There are some exciting new cryptocurrencies launching in 2023, with benefits ranging from new ways to invest in real estate to carbon credits for EV drivers.

As the political, economic, and environmental landscape shifts, so too do the types of cryptocurrencies launched. Each new cryptocurrency has different advantages in today’s landscape and could make for some interesting investments.

Consider investing in one of these new cryptocurrencies this year, and see where 2023 and beyond takes your investments.


Robert Ryerson

Although Robert M. Ryerson completed all the necessary requirements to earn bachelor of arts degrees in both English and economics at Rutgers University, college policy at the time prohibited the issuance of dual degrees. As a result, he graduated from Rutgers with a single bachelor of arts in economics before finding employment as a stockbroker with Shearson Lehman American Express in New York City 1984. Robert M. Ryerson has since established himself as a respected estate administrator and legacy planner. In addition to his economics degree from Rutgers, Mr. Ryerson holds several professional designations including Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP)®; Certified In Long Term Care (CLTC)®; Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF)®, and Certified Identity Theft Risk Magenament Specialist (CITRMS)®. He has shared his knowledge on the subject of identity theft as the author of the book What’s The Deal With Identity Theft?: A Plain-English Look at Our Fastest Growing Crime. He has also covered identity theft issues directly for students as the instructor of the adult education course Understanding Identity Theft: Our Fastest Growing Crime.

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