Robert M. Ryerson and Louis R. Terrero of New Century Planning Associates Earn The NSSA® Advisor Certification

New Century Planning Associates, Inc. is proud to announce that Robert M. Ryerson RICP and Louis R. Terrero CPA, have received the prestigious National Social Security Advisor certificate from the National Social Security Association LLC in Cincinnati.  This certificate means New Century Planning Associates has even more expertise to help retirees select the best time […]

New Century Planning Associates Now Has A Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP) available to help clients.

New Century Planning Associates, Inc. is proud to announce that its president, Robert M. Ryerson, has received the prestigious Retirement Income Certified Professional designation. This designation was developed by more than 45 of the nation’s top retirement planning experts and equips the RICPR designee with the knowledge and tools to build comprehensive and lifelong income plans. […]

Top 10 Questions About Relocating to Ecuador

Ed. Note:One fundamental investment recommendation you have seen many times is the wise diversification of assets, that is, not risking all your retirement eggs in one type of investment. Now, because of the high levels of dysphoria in North America, it is time to consider an additional strategy to protect your retirement funds: moving overseas […]

MAY 2022 – Seminars. 10th and 12th at 6:30 p.m.

IS YOUR RETIREMENT PLANNING READY FOR THIS YEAR AND BEYOND? Learn how covid-19, increasing inflation, and a volatile stock market could affect your retirement Important Educational Topics we’ll discuss: Market Volatility – Strategies to help protect your assets from a prolonged market downturn. Don’t Outlive Your Money – Learn how Roth conversions can create tax […]


New Century Panning -Ecuador donated a Christmas gift to help the less fortunate families of Canar. Cuenca Expats Magazine’s Managing Partner Ed Lindquist was honored to present the gift on behalf of New Century Planning to Nicolas Pichazaca Mayancela of Mushuk Yuyay. New Century Panning-Ecuador offers personal financial advice to the expat community. New Century […]

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