Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP)

A Forbes contributor, Robert (Bob) Ryerson entered the financial industry in 1984 as a broker and earned several professional designations over the next 10-20 years enable him to educate, guide and assist people in a variety of areas such as financial, estate, insurance and retirement income planning, to name a few. Over time, as he witnessed the growth of the nationwide identity theft epidemic, he was encouraged to do more research into the subject, and became a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) in 2014. This designation and knowledge help him implement identity theft protection strategies in his clients overall financial plans. His ongoing research in this field led him to write the book “What’s The Deal With Identity Theft? A Plain English Look at our Fastest Growing Crime” in 2016.

Robert also began to see the devastating effects that unplanned healthcare costs can have on retirees. His concern grew about the possibility of his clients accidentally disinheriting their loved ones as a result of the costs of chronic illnesses and long term care needs.

 Due to his lifelong mission of educating others, he co-authored the 2013 book “What You Don’t Know About Retirement Will Hurt You”, which focuses specifically on addressing healthcare in retirement, and in 2019 he became a CLTC (Certified in Long Term Care) professional. Bob is passionate about helping guide people to a secure and tax-efficient retirement. His study of the baby boomer demographic trends, in concert with the nation’s poor fiscal condition, has led him to concentrate on the issue of longevity risks and the need for reliable and sustainable income streams for retirees.

In July, 2022 Robert received the prestigious designation of Retirement Income Certified Processional. This additional level of expertise in retirement planning is very useful and important, as a successful retirement for most people is based on income, not assets.

He is enthusiastic about walking people through the various concepts, strategies and steps that will improve their overall position in terms of safety, lifetime income and meeting legacy desires.

Bob is an experienced estate administrator and advises clients on various aspects of estate and legacy planning, with a focus on asset preservation and distribution planning.

In his free time, Bob enjoys traveling, reading, teaching and spending time with his wife. Lisa and four daughters. Christine, Maggio, Nicole and Genevieve.

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