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New Century Planning’s President Robert M. Ryerson is interviewed about how inflation impacts your retirement strategy.

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We are experienced, capable, and caring planners

New Century Planning Associates is a full service financial firm comprised of several experienced professionals who came together many years ago to work as a team. New Century Planning’s team of CPAs, attorneys, insurance and investment pros are independent, and can therefore “shop the market” for their clients in order to provide first class, comprehensive solutions across a wide array of financial planning needs. New Century Planning has a focus on education, communication and listening attentively to our client’s needs and concerns.

Client Testimonials
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I contacted New Century Planning around 8 years ago, after being frustrated with always falling victim to the ups and downs of the market - after many years of investing in mostly mutual funds, and feeling fully exposed to the sudden market downturns, and slow recoveries. What I quickly realized, after speaking to an NCP advisor for the first time, is that I needed a bit of education, to understand more than just the basics of retirement investing.... I personally believe that NCP’s experience, customized investment approach, and commitment to investing for my long-term retirement goals, is a better option than just blindly investing my hard-earned savings in company 401(k)s, and large fund management institutions.

62RedRider Professionalism

Experienced and caring professionals with a wealth of knowledge and sound investment, financial, retirement, and tax advice. The comprehensive approach of the team at New Century Planning Associates ensures winning strategies and a sound long-term view. The team inspires confidence and trust. I highly recommend New Century Planning Associates to anyone planning for a secure financial future.

Leonard Vovk Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Bob and Louis are great financial advisors. They will take a deep dive into your financial situation and come up with options which balance your risks. They also have a broad range of investment ideas including non-traditional vehicles which go beyond your typical 401K/IRA options. Their knowledge of the economy and potential pitfalls are outstanding. One of the areas that impressed me was their knowledge on the best ways to navigate tax policies to benefit your retirement planning. They will also help in other areas as well such as home financing ideas. They will guide you in an honest and professional way to optimize all areas of your financial life.

Joe Plom Professionalism

We met Bob and Louis at a free seminar, and had a follow up meeting with them to discuss our financial concerns. They have helped so much with our retirement planning. They work so well together as a team, and are very caring. They are easily accessible and seem genuinely concerned for us. I will go into my retirement soon with confidence that they have educated me and guided me well.

Judi Schuster Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Thanks to the research of Bobby Ryerson we have identified small priced stocks on the verge of exploding and we capitalized on it before its new growth cycle hit, thus, "Buy low, sell high." Bobby and Louis have always been only a phone call or, email away.

Charles Breitweiser Professionalism, Responsiveness