Inflation Planning - Very impactful for retirees

(the need to hedge all of your dollar based wealth)

Historically, the dollar (and all fiat paper currency) loses value over time. This loss of purchasing power can be very impactful for retirees and savers alike.

Purchasing Power of U.S. Dollar

Financial Planning

These days…

We are increasingly concerned about future inflation/loss of purchasing power due to the unprecedented amount of money printing the government is doing, and has done in the past 20-30 years or so…

We entered 2020 with an already alarming $24 trillion in debt…but after the covid-19 response by the government in terms of bailouts and stimulus spending in 2020, we entered 2021 with over $27 trillion in official debt! Our own federal reserve officials have testified before congress that this pace is both dangerous and unsustainable…

Proven/Historical Inflation Hedges

We urge all of our clients to include at least a small allocation to one or more of the following proven/historical inflation hedges.

Alternative Asset Classes

Financial Planning

Our team is very adept at helping you build inflation protection hedges, or diversifying your overall portfolio to include these important and attractive alternative asset classes.
We are particularly bullish on silver and cryptos/digital assets, due to the worrisome level of money printing we see the US and other governments of the world doing at this time.
If you want to survive and thrive in retirement…
Please call us for help adding these important exposures to your portfolio.

U.S. Inflation Hits New Four-Decade High of 9.%